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LatinNews Daily - 12 February 2021

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In brief: Cuba says film sector not affected by restrictions

* Cuba’s national arts and film industry institute (Icaic), a government body, has denied that the recently announced list of activities in which private enterprise is not allowed includes audio-visual and film production. Cuba’s communist government recently updated its rules on private enterprise, expanding the number of permitted activities from 127 to over 2,000, but banning 124 activities in the “strategic” areas of health provision, defence, energy, telecommunications, press, and culture. The banned activities include journalism and the publishing of books, as well as music, audio-visual, and film production. This sparked concerns in Cuba’s independent film industry, that is funded by the state through Icaic. But in a statement Icaic said that the restrictions do not affect the independent film industry, noting that existing legislation already stipulates that “this activity is not considered a private enterprise” but is instead classed as a form of state-backed employment.