LatinNews Daily - 03 January 2020

In brief: Brazil 2019 trade surplus lowest in four years

* Brazil’s foreign trade secretariat at the economy ministry (Secint/ME) has released the latest figures for the country’s trade flows, which totalled US$401.363bn in 2019. Brazil registered a trade surplus of US$46.674bn, a 20.5% decrease on the 2018 trade surplus and the lowest trade surplus recorded since 2015. Brazilian exports fell 7.5% in 2019 compared with 2018, while the value of imports fell 3.3%. The Secint notes that a slowdown in global economic growth and international trade impacted Brazil’s trade flows overall, with the country directly feeling the impact of the economic crisis in neighbouring Argentina on its exports of manufactured products, while the swine fever in China negatively affected Brazil’s soya exports.