LatinNews Daily - 19 February 2021

In brief: Colombia’s agricultural exports surge

*Colombia’s official export promotion agency, ProColombia, has reported that the country’s agri-food exports reached US$7.81bn in 2020, up 7% on 2019. ProColombia’s president, Flavia Santoro, highlighted that the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic appears not to have affected the sector, which expanded its markets last year by exporting to 166 different countries. Santoro attributed this to a growing global demand for the organically and sustainably produced agri-foods that Colombia has to offer. Noting that agri-food exports accounted for 53% of Colombia’s total non-mineral exports last year, Santoro said that the sector looks set to become one of the country’s main drivers of economic growth for years to come. “Today we can say that Colombia is on its way to becoming a larder for the world, as the [Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations] FAO has identified due to our arable land potential and the great variety of exportable offer; and other competitiveness factors such as the capacity for year-round production”, Santoro said.