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Latin American Economy & Business - September 2015 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Storm clouds gathering?
Special Focus
- El Niño: Water, water (but not everywhere)
Regional Business Review
- Mexico: OHL disputes rumble on
- Peru: Lima stock market – emerging or frontier?
- Colombia-Venezuela: Closed frontier, bad business
- Corporate Radar
Regional Economy Review
- Brazil: The ever-moving budget
- Banking in Brazil: Lending growth grinds to a halt
- Puerto Rico: Let the debt negotiations begin…
- Barbados: Leveraged to tourism

Latin American Economy & Business - August 2015 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Towards a single digital market
Regional Business Review
- Brazil-Peru: Big infrastructure – the trans-oceanic railway
- Corporate Radar
Special Focus
- Venezuela: Pdvsa’s cash crisis
Regional Economic Review
- Peru: On track for gathering recovery in H215
- Brazil: Levy on the ropes?
- Argentina: The next government’s economic policies
- Bahamas: Two wildcards – one negative, one positive
- China’s crisis and Latin America

Latin American Economy & Business - July 2015 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Greece, seen from Latin America
Regional Business Review
- Mexico: Tough times for steel
- Corporate Radar
Regional Economic Review
- Uruguay: The pros and cons of gradualism
- Mercosur (sort of) reacts
- Venezuela: Peering into the black box
- Chile: Central bank on hold … for now
- Haiti: Gourde and growth down; inflation and interest rates up
- Puerto Rico: Debt negotiations get under way
- Colombia: Austerity on the cards, Cárdenas warns

Latin American Economy & Business - June 2015 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Corruption embedded in Latin American football business model?
Special Focus
- Latin America on a CO2 roller coaster?
Regional Business Overview
- FDI slows in 2014
- Corporate Radar
- Economic Radar
Regional Economy Review
- Cuba: Fast and slow on foreign investment
- Venezuela-Guyana: New tensions – the economic background
- Jamaica: Hitting the IMF’s targets
- Region: Labour Market - Holding up well, despite the economic slowdown
- Latin America & the EU: Converging…or not

Latin American Economy & Business - May 2015 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Education – Latin America’s big problem
Regional Business Review
- Mexico: Come fly with me
- Mexico: Divorce shakes Omnilife
- Corporate Radar
Regional Economy Review
- Brazil: Growing political pressure on Levy
- Dominican Republic: Flourishing in spite of everything
- Ecuador: IESS reform ruffles feathers
Regional Markets Review
- The differing fortunes of financial centres in Latin America and the Caribbean
- Honduras: Govt push on mining
- Region: Chinese premier swings through the Andean

Latin American Economy & Business - April 2015 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Saving the Petrossauro
Regional Economy Outlook
- Region: Growth forecasts reined in
- Brazil: Looking for the silver lining
- Colombia: Steady despite challenges
- Peru: Modest reduction in poverty in 2014
Regional Business Outlook
- Region: Infrastructure a key concern at corporate summit
- Region: Latin lessons to be learnt from South Korea?
- Corporate Radar
- Cuba: SSOT delisting boosts sentiment
Regional Markets Review
- Region: Fairly shockproof
- Argentina: Back to market

Latin American Economy & Business - March 2015 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Astori the austere
Regional Business Review
- Argentina: Government battles global banks
- Region: Corporación Andina de Fomento goes for growth
- Mexico: Big shake up – or same old programmes?
- Peru: Tía María still facing opposition
Regional Economic Review
- Region: Everyone wants a little more fiscal space
- Chile: Trouble comes in threes
- Brazil: Tough outlook for industry
- Cuba: What next for the banking sector?
- Bermuda: Off the floor in 2015?

Latin American Economy & Business - February 2015 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Economic storm clouds gather in Brazil
Regional Business Review
- Cuba: Netflix versus ‘el paquete’
- Mexico: Cemex considering asset sales
- Region: The automotive sector - three-way trade dispute?
- Mexico: From yellow gold to black gold?
- Peru: Troubled times for Pluspetrol
Regional Economy Review
- Argentina: Industrialists concerned over China agreements
- Guatemala: The problems of a small budget
- Venezuela: The government seeks to nationalise the parallel currency market
- Region: Energy subsidies: time for a change?
- Commodities: Soya outlook: strong supply, weaker prices
Regional Markets Review
- Capital markets: more of the same in 2015?
- Aratirí mine deal in Uruguay

Latin American Economy & Business - January 2015 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Cigars and mojitos - opening up US-Cuba trade
Regional Economic Review
- VENEZUELA: Storm clouds over Caracas
- REGION: Argentina and Venezuela topped the 2014 inflation chart
- GUYANA: Questions of energy and power
Regional Business Review
- BRAZIL: Difficult times for OAS
- COLOMBIA: Peace, Love and Facebook
- MEXICO: Ficrea struck down
- ARGENTINA: Tough times for the automotive sector
- ECUADOR: Correa secures over US$7bn from China
- MEXICO: Truckers deal at last
Tourism Review
- CARIBBEAN: Stagnating in the sun

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