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Latin American Economy & Business - November 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- What will Trumponomics mean for Latin America?
Regional Economy Review
- Regional currencies react to Trump
- Region: Looking West
- Argentina: The contrary economy
- El Salvador: Is the new fiscal deal enough?
- Jamaica: Continued progress on economic stabilisation
- Cuba: Nerves intensify over pro-embargo Trump advisors
- Cuba: The march of the self-employed
- Venezuela: Maduro’s new front – JP Morgan
Regional Business Review
- Brazil: Odebrecht on the cusp
- Mexico: Soft drink companies fight the diabetes wars
- Brazil: Oi still awaiting salvation
- Region: Xi Jinping reasserts China’s strategic interest in Latin America
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - October 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Trump targets Carlos Slim
Regional Economy Review
- Mexico prioritises currency over growth
- Venezuela: Teetering on the brink
- Venezuela: Maduro urges global oil pact
- Brazil: PEC 241: the marathon begins
- Paraguay: Playing the ‘Little China’ card
- Region: A different kind of export growth
Regional Business Review
- Better connecting Argentina and Chile
- Argentina: Business lists government hits and misses
- El Salvador: Pensions at the centre of fiscal deadlock
- Peru: Reality kicks in for Kuczynski
- Peru: The 2017 investor darling
- Region: Doing Business
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - September 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Temer’s message: privatise and grow
Regional Economy Review
- Argentina: Waiting for an investment boom
- Mexico: Trouble on the fiscal front
- Venezuela: Debt restructuring aims to avert default
- Cuba signs over 20 agreements with China
- Region: IMF downgrades regional growth, but warmer on Brazil
Regional Business Review
- Region: Climate change will impact agriculture
- Region: De-industrialisation: The China question
- Region: TPP trade deal hangs in the balance
- Panama: Is the wider canal paying its way?
- Ecuador: The quest for funds
- Peru: Kuczynski get his decree powers
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - August 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Investment needed for recovery
Regional Economy Review
- Brazil: Olympics, impeachment, elections
- Colombia: Worries over a fiscal crunch
- Eastern Caribbean: Stuck in the slow lane
- Venezuela: Microeconomics: How to survive the crisis
- Haiti: The economy stagnates
Regional Business Review
- Region: Renewables go mainstream?
- Mexico: Is business falling out with Peña Nieto?
- Chile: Questions of adequacy
- Venezuela: Kicking the debt bill down the road
- Region: Corporate Radar
- Peru: The market darling

Latin American Economy & Business - July 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Looking at post-Brexit scenarios
Regional Economy Review
- Argentina: The IMF decides that new inflation data is believable
- Colombia: The economics of peace
- Ecuador: Building bridges with the IMF?
- Nicaragua: Economic tailwinds for Ortega
- Peru: Stable growth with low inflation to continue
Special Focus
- Venezuela: The government protects Pdvsa at all costs
Regional Business Review
- Brazil: More airports could be sold off
- Chile: The difficult road to free education
Cities Special
- Region: Urbanisation increases the need for ‘Smart Cities’
- Region: Urban crime: one problem, varying solutions
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - June 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- What is PPK’s economic game plan?
Regional Economy Review
- Region: Pacific Alliance and Mercosur: getting friendly?
- Brazil: Which way for the economy?
- Panama: Wider canal underpins growth outlook
- Cuba Mixed signals on SMEs
- The Bahamas: Facing problems on two fronts
- Puerto Rico: Waiting for PROMESA
Regional Business Review
- Region: FDI – downtrend to persist
- Guatemala: The TCQ story
- Mexico: Invulnerable to risk aversion
- Region: Corporate Radar
- Colombia: Hopes for peace and prosperity
- Mexico: The curious case of Mexico’s falling car exports

Latin American Economy & Business - May 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- First outlines of a new economic policy in Brazil
Regional Economy Review
- Argentina: When will inflation turn the corner?
- Colombia: Higher interest rates, lower growth, but a soft-landing overall
- Venezuela: The shortage economy
- Honduras: Some improvement, but structural problems persist
- El Salvador: Stuck in a vicious cycle
- Puerto Rico: The buck is passed…to Washington DC
- Ecuador: Correa leaves no stone unturned post-earthquake
Regional Business Review
- Paraguay: Full maquila ahead?
- Region: Commercial Real Estate: at a low point in the cycle
- Region: Capital markets better in first quarter
- Region: Corporate Radar

Latin American Economy & Business - April 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- The contraction of correspondent banking
Regional Economy Review
- Brazil: The shape of Temer economics
- Argentina: Getting better…eventually
- Chile: The micro-economic approach to growth
- Peru: The battle of the centre right
- Puerto Rico: More noise, same road
- Trinidad & Tobago: Two year plan, and then…
- Region: Poverty rate begins to edge up
Regional Business Review
- Brazil: Troubled times for Odebrecht
- Mexico: Encouraging outlook for renewables
- Mexico: Banks – strong, often foreign, and not much used
- Region: Corporate Radar
- Region: IMF and Eclac agree that things are slow

Latin American Economy & Business - March 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Politics trumps economics in Brazil
Regional Economy Review
- Cuba: Chipping away at the embargo
- Colombia: Government tries to head off power cuts
- Dominican Republic: Benefiting from the tailwinds
- Jamaica: Sticking with the program
- Trinidad & Tobago: Downgrade, yes; crisis, no
- Uruguay: The bastion of stability in a volatile region
- Region: Working out the economics of crime
- Region: Informal economy still an obstacle to growth
Regional Business Review
- Region: Caribbean tourism needs more flights
- Corporate Radar
- Region: Colombia and Uruguay lead energy transition
- Mining: Maduro government on a major push to resurrect mining

Latin American Economy & Business - February 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Argentina – holdout settlement in sight
Regional Economy Review
- Venezuela: Maduro devalues
- Venezuela: The price of putting the bondholders first
- Brazil: Stabilising or not?
- Mexico: Monetary and fiscal tightening
- Region: Policy moves from the other central banks
- Region: Calculating the cost of Zika
- Honduras: No longer the regional pariah
- Suriname: The IMF sends a mission to Paramaribo
Regional Business Review
- Brazil: Corporate debt warning light
- Region: Knocking the NOCs
- Region: Corporate Radar
Special Focus
- Peru: The real problems of the pensions system(s)

Latin American Economy & Business - January 2016 (ISSN 1741-7430)

- Brazil: Bottoming out – or just falling?
Regional Economy Review
- Region: Held back by Brazil and Venezuela
- Venezuela: An emergency in search of a policy
- Mexico: In the eye of the oil storm
- Trinidad & Tobago: Unhappy New Year
- Puerto Rico: The stakes rise in the debt crisis
Regional Business Review
- Brazil: Warning lights flashing on Rio Olympics
- Colombia: All eyes on agriculture
- Argentina: Good times for grain exporters?
- Corporate Radar
Regional Financial Markets Review
- Lower flows, higher assessed risk
- The two canals

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