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LatinNews was founded in London in 1967 to provide expert political, economic, and security analysis on Latin America and the Caribbean. LatinNews was acquired by Intelligence Research Ltd in 2003.

Our Services

LatinNews has two operational divisions:

Our Clients

  • Government departments (foreign affairs, defence, intelligence, trade)
  • Multi-lateral institutions
  • International Corporations (Chief Executives, Government affairs, General Counsel, Risk officers, Export executives)
  • Investors (Research departments)
  • Consultancies
  • Think Tanks & Research Institutes
  • Media
  • NGOs
  • Universities and academics

LatinNews is the most important source of analysis and news provider for our institution when it comes to authentic information and accurate, insightful analysis on Latin America. LatinNews has a magnificently stimulating impact on our work in this region. The HIIK recommends the services of LatinNews whenever possible, to both experts and non-experts who have a focus on the region. LatinNews is of inestimable value for our institution.

Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research, Heideliberg University

Our People

Chief Executive: Joe de Courcy
Client Services Director: Maria Isotalo
Subscriber Services: Yolanda Drinot
Finance Manager: Simine Khalaflou
Director, Corporate Intelligence: Patrick de Courcy

Editors & Section Heads:
Jon Farmer: Editor-in-chief, Latin America Weekly Report. Section Head: Andean Group
Gunther Baumgarten: Editor, LatinNews Daily, Mexico & Nafta Report. Section Head: Mexico
Sarah Sheldon: Editor, Central America & Caribbean Report. Section Head: Central America & Caribbean
Constance Malleret: Editor, Brazil & Southern Cone Report. Section Head: Brazil & Southern Cone
Lewis Harrison: Editor, Andean Group Report. Section Head: Andean Group

Freelance contributors:
Expert Advisors
Consultancy Affiliates