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The first ever LatinNews report, published in April 1967, began with the words: "There is something going on in Bolivia, but it is not what is being reported in the press…"

The same imperative to uncover the real underlying facts has been the driving force behind LatinNews reporting and analysis for more than 50 years, and week-after-week, year-after-year, LatinNews – through its comprehensive range of Advisory Reports – has delivered invaluable insights based on unrivalled access at the highest level.

Our full portfolio of Advisory Reports comprises:

LatinNews Daily: Our first-take analysis on the main developments in Latin America & the Caribbean over the past 24 hours.

Latin American Weekly Report: A considered, behind-the-scenes briefing on all the week’s key developments throughout Latin America & the Caribbean.

Many important issues are not event-driven, and it is these longer-term issues that we look at in our series of in-depth monthly reports.

We have four reports that look at the key sub-regions:

And we have two specialist pan-regional monthly reports:

In addition to subscribing to individual reports, it is also possible to subscribe to all articles, from whichever report, that are relevant to a particular region. The Regional Monitors are daily emails including articles from whichever of our reports were published that day that pertain to your region of choice. There are four groupings:

The LatinNews Country Database is an archive of all published articles, gathered on a country-by-country basis.

You may subscribe to our publications individually, or as part of a ‘best-value’ combination, saving you money. Ask us about our combination packages via our Contact form – a representative will be pleased to speak to you about your requirements.

We also provide institutional and multi-user licenses, ideal for large organisations and academic institutions.

Our archives are fully searchable using our custom search engine. Just use the search box at the top of any page to search recent content, or used Advanced Search to target your research at particular publications or timeframes. Don’t forget, we’ve been publishing a long time!

LatinNews is the most important source of analysis and news provider for our institution when it comes to authentic information and accurate, insightful analysis on Latin America. LatinNews has a magnificently stimulating impact on our work in this region. The HIIK recommends the services of LatinNews whenever possible, to both experts and non-experts who have a focus on the region. LatinNews is of inestimable value for our institution.


LatinNews publications are a tremendous resource for those teaching, studying and writing on the political economy of Latin America. The publications provide up-to-date, comprehensive and well-written details on all aspects of the politics, economics and international relations of the region that scholars and students need. I highly recommend LatinNews publications to the university academic community.


LatinNews is a strategic partner of Canning House, providing timely analysis and high quality bespoke research papers for our corporate members. LatinNews editors are regular and valued presenters at Canning House events and webinars.