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The first ever LatinNews report, published in April 1967, began with the words: "There is something going on in Bolivia, but it is not what is being reported in the press…"

The same imperative to uncover the real underlying facts has been the driving force behind LatinNews reporting and analysis for more than 50 years, and week-after-week, year-after-year, LatinNews has delivered invaluable insights based on unrivaled access at the highest level.

Our full portfolio of advisory reports comprises:

LatinNews Daily: Our first-take analysis on the main developments in Latin America & the Caribbean over the past 24 hours.

Latin American Weekly Report: A considered, behind-the-scenes briefing on all the week’s key developments throughout Latin America & the Caribbean.

Latin American Economy & Business: A monthly overview of macro-economic and business-environment developments.

Latin American Security & Strategic Review: A monthly review of security issues and strategic policy developments.

Latin American Special Reports: In-depth reports covering issues that cannot easily be covered in our regular weekly and monthly reports.

For those subscribers whose focus is on certain countries or groups of countries, it is also possible to subscribe to all articles that are relevant to a particular region, from whichever report. We provide this service on either a daily or a monthly basis.

The Regional Monitors are daily emails including articles from whichever of our reports were published that day that pertain to your region of choice. The Regional Reports are monthly and provide the relevant coverage from Latin American Economy & Business and Latin American Security & Strategic Review, together with some additional contextual analysis.

Both the daily and the monthly Regional services are divided into four groupings:


Central America & Caribbean

Andean Group

Brazil & Southern Cone

The LatinNews Country Database is an archive of all published articles, gathered on a country-by-country basis.


LatinNews Consulting is a bespoke business-intelligence service for Latin America & the Caribbean, providing answers to questions on critical issues concerning individuals, investments, and strategic decisions that can be gained only from direct access to well-informed contacts on the ground.

LatinNews Consulting obtains answers to these questions through its regional in-country network of sources, contacts, and affiliates, backed up by a team of in-house country specialists, external experts, and open-source researchers.

Enhanced capabilities

LatinNews Consulting has two important attributes - and enhanced capabilities - that differentiate it from general business-intelligence consultancies:

  • LatinNews is a pure Latin American & Caribbean (LAC) specialist, with 50 years of experience in the region and capabilities in all 33 independent LAC jurisdictions.
  • Over the course of 50 years, LatinNews has developed an  unrivalled  network of in-country assets, including local LatinNews correspondents; political, diplomatic, business, NGO, academic, and other sources; and a region-wide network of independent affiliates who are highly experienced professional enquiry agents, well-known to LatinNews, and available to provide specialist input for individual assignments.


Market-Entry Assessments

LatinNews Consulting has particular expertise in identifying and assessing new business opportunities. Initial 'desk-top' research, carried out by our experienced, multi-lingual, researchers, is just the starting point for exhaustive in-country enquiries, focusing on issues such as market size, competition, regulatory matters, and risk. The end result is a highly detailed and fully assessed report for top-level executive decision-making.

Special Situation Assessments

When the unexpected happens in an unfamiliar environment it can be difficult for even the most-experienced executives to understand all the underlying forces that may be at work - and to find a way through the difficulties. LatinNews Consulting has a wealth of experience in unravelling such complexities, including legal and regulatory difficulties, new commercial challenges, and unforeseen risk factors.

Due Diligence

Whether seeking a long-term partner, assessing an investment opportunity, or researching a counter-party for a one-off transaction, reliable due diligence is essential. The record, reputation, and commercial/political connections of any potential partner in an unfamiliar country can be almost impossible to tease out without the help of discreet in-country enquiries. LatinNews Consulting specialises in such enquiries, carried out by our own trusted, experienced, and well-connected enquiry agents. Our reports provide clients with all the information they need for informed - and confident - decision-making.


Some situations are fluid and subject to regular change. They need constant monitoring. For such situations, LatinNews Consulting can provide a detailed 'baseline' report of all the key factors at work, and then regular monitoring of all the moving parts. Our trusted in-country sources keep a watching brief and conduct new lines of enquiry according to changing needs or circumstances. Reporting can be monthly, weekly, of even daily, depending on the urgency and importance of any development.

Each project is inherently different and often will not fit exactly into one of the above categories. To discuss your specific requirements do get in contact through online form.

Recent projects

  1. Agri-business investment: A complex enquiry into issues surrounding a major agri-business investment and an associated dispute over land title in a South American country. The attitudes of the key protagonists (activists, government officials, politicians, administrators, jurists) were investigated, along with the prospects for a compromise resolution of the legal dispute.
  2. Infrastructure company: A due diligence enquiry into 30-plus Latin American subsidiaries of a major European infrastructure company for a potential investor.
  3.  Power-generation company: An enquiry into the commercial prospects of a local power generation  com pany in a small Latin American economy on behalf of a potential investor.
  4. Defence-sector company: A due diligence enquiry covering seven Latin American countries into the reputation of a US-based defence contractor and its directors.

Contact Us

To find out more about our consultancy service, or to discuss your consultancy requirements, please use our online contact form.

Pricing and timing

Our pricing is fully transparent and is discussed on a line-by-line basis with the client. Costings cover the management and deployment of the in-country enquiry team, all expenses, and the assessment, checking, and reporting of their findings. LatinNews Consulting prides itself on providing highly cost-effective solutions to client requirements.

Work commences on acceptance of a Proposal and is completed and delivered within the specified number of working days. In some exceptional cases, a report can be produced within 48 hours. More usually a project will take around 20 working days.