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LatinNews Daily Report - 11 June 2013

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In Brief – Chile

POLITICS | Bachelet - to testify or not to testify. On 10 June a Chilean prosecutor, Luis Tapia, said that Michelle Bachelet, the former president (2006-2010) and current presidential primary candidate for the opposition Concertación ahead of the November 2013 elections, would not be summoned for questioning as a defendant over her government’s handling of the 27 February 2010 tsunami in which 156 people died and 25 disappeared. Tapia’s announcement is in response to a complaint filed last month by Raúl Meza, a lawyer representing families of the victims. Eight former government officials have been charged in relation to the case. In March, an appeals court threw out an appeal to charge Bachelet, who has already testified as a witness on two occasions as part of the investigation. Meza has pledged to appeal the prosecutor's decision.