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LatinNews Regional Monitor: Andean Group - 9 January 2018

In brief: Bolivia

Bolivia: Bolivia’s medical association (Colegio Médico) has announced the end of a strike by doctors and health care professionals which began on 23 November 2017. The announcement follows an agreement reached with the government led by President Evo Morales. The doctors had been on strike in protest at changes to the criminal code, passed on 12 December 2017, which relate to malpractice (Art. 205), as well as a supreme decree (DS) 3385 passed at the start of November 2017 which creates a new oversight authority, Asinsa. The Colegio Médico complained that these measures criminalised their profession. Under the deal struck yesterday (8 January), Articles 205 and 137 (which relates to malpractice in the transport sector) of the criminal code were repealed, along with DS3385. The two sides also agreed to draw up a general health law and set up an institute to arbitrate in the case of conflicts relating to the sector.