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LatinNews Regional Monitor: Andean Group - 15 January 2018

In brief: Venezuela

Venezuela: The governor of Venezuela’s central Guárico state, José Vásquez, has reported that 22 shops and local food distribution centres had been affected by the looting on 13 January in the Guárico locality of Calabozo. The Calabozo lootings are the latest in a series of such incidents registered in Venezuela in recent weeks amid the country’s deepening economic crisis marked by hyperinflation and the severe shortages of food and basic goods. Governor Vásquez, of the nationally ruling Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV), said that the lootings led to him ordering the deployment of the Bolivarian national guard (GNB) to Calabozo to restore order. But the GNB’s handling of the unrest in Calabozo and other towns around Venezuela has been criticised by the political opposition, which has denounced the use of lethal force which it says has already resulted in the death of four people. The ongoing unrest comes as representatives from the PSUV national government and the Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD) main opposition coalition held another dialogue round in the Dominican Republic over the weekend (13-14 January) to try to resolve the country’s economic and political crisis. No agreements were reached, and a further dialogue round has been scheduled for 18 January.