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LatinNews Daily - 10 January 2019

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In brief: Chile

* The Chilean 43-member senate has approved a new trade treaty between Chile and Argentina. The treaty was passed with 34 votes in favour and will be ready for presidential promulgation. The new agreement complements the provisions already present in the Economic Complementation Agreement 35, between Chile and the Southern Common Market (Mercosur), whose validity dates back to 1996. On Twitter, Chile’s foreign minister Roberto Ampuero said: “40 years ago, #Chile and #Argentina were about to go to war, and today we celebrate that our Senate approved a new Trade Agreement between both countries. A very clear expression of the level of integration, understanding and vision of the future that we share.” Through this new treaty, Argentina and Chile will intend to expand and deepen the legal instruments that currently govern them in trade matters, particularly in areas as diverse as investments, services, public procurements, telecommunications (with a commitment to eliminate roaming) and E-commerce.