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LatinNews Daily - 23 January 2019

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In brief: Nicaragua

* Nicaragua’s central bank (BCN) has published its latest monthly economic activity index (Imae) for October 2018, which showed a -6% fall in activity compared with the same month in 2017. The BCN recorded an average rate of -1% annual variation. The activities with the highest growth were: fishing & aquaculture (19.4%), mining & quarrying (11.6%), energy & water (9.4%), agriculture (8.9%), health (2.5%), and education (2.0%). These figures were strongly offset by falls in activity in the trade (- 21.8%), hotels & restaurants (-22.8%), and financial intermediation & related services (-13.3%) sectors, amongst others. The fall in economic activity in Nicaragua stems from the crisis caused by the government crackdown on protesters which began mid-April and has left over 500 people dead.