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LatinNews Daily - 28 January 2019

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In brief: Argentina

* Argentina’s agriculture minister, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, has signed a decree declaring a “state of emergency and/ or disaster” in the provinces of Chaco, Santa Fe, Corrientes, and Santiago del Estero – which have been most affected by floods that hit the coast, forcing the evacuation of over 6,000 people. Etchevehere emphasised the government’s prompt response: “We are acting as quickly as possible, because we understand the difficulties that farmers face during this type of climatic event. The State has acted with great speed and in under 24 hours we have declared a state of emergency, so that they [the farmers] can access the benefits provided by the law”. The measure provides assistance and tax and credit benefits to the farmers affected by the storm which has caused rivers and streams to overflow.