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LatinNews Daily - 08 February 2019

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In brief: Bolivia

* Bolivia has announced an agreement signed by China’s Xinjiang Tbea Group-Baocheng and Bolivia’s state-owned lithium company Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos Corporación (YLB) for the construction of two plants to industrialise lithium in the Coipasa salt flats in Oruro department and the Pastos Grandes salt flats in Potosí department with a US$2.3bn investment. According to official sources, the Coipasa plant will produce 450,000 tonnes per year (tpy) of potassium sulphate, 60,000tpy of lithium hydroxide, 60,000tpy of boric acid, 10,000tpy of pure bromine, and 10,000tpy of sodium bromide. Meanwhile the Pastos Grandes plant will generate 60,0000tpy per year of lithium chloride, 40,000tpy of lithium carbonate, and 5,600tpy of metallic lithium. Last year YBL announced an agreement with ACI Systems GmbH of Germany, which is to invest US$1.2bn in a partnership to manufacture and market lithium-ion batteries.