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LatinNews Daily - 27 March 2019

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In brief: Mexico

* Mexico’s general director of the national agricultural council (CNA), Bosco de la Vega, has said that he thinks it will be difficult for Mexico to attain food self-sufficiency in the next few years – an objective which is one of 25 priorities of the current government led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. At a agricultural sector forum which took place at the Universidad Autónoma de Tabasco, De La Vega said that if the authorities don’t work together in a comprehensive manner, across the chain of small, medium and large producers, self-sufficiency with regard to food production will not be achieved. He told those present that if Mexico does not achieve complete self-sufficiency at least it would hope to produce 75% of the food that the country consumes rather than the current 59%. Back in January, President López Obrador unveiled a programme of price guarantees aimed at stimulating the production of corn, bean, rice, wheat, and fresh milk for the domestic market.