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LatinNews Daily - 13 February 2020

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In brief: Costa Rica to begin exporting pork to China

* Costa Rica’s agriculture & livestock minister Renato Alvarado has announced the first container of 24,000kg of pork will leave tomorrow (14 February) for mainland China. According to government figures around 15m kg of beef were exported to China in 2019; it hopes to export 3m kg of pork this year. Alvarado said the first shipment of pork follows the culmination of a negotiation process which began in 2013 regarding the signing of a protocol on veterinary and sanitary requirements. With this shipment, Costa Rica becomes the first country in Central America to export pork to China and the fifth in Latin America after Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. Costa Rica became the first country in Central America to break ties with Taiwan in favour of mainland China in 2007, and has since been followed by Panama, in June 2017, and the Dominican Republic and El Salvador, both in 2018.