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LatinNews Daily - 25 March 2020

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In brief: Mexico’s restaurant industry suffers impact of Covid-19

*The president of the Mexican restaurant association Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Restaurantes y Alimentos Condimentados (Canirac), Francisco Fernández, has warned that 2,000 restaurants and 80,000 workers are currently not working as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, impacting an industry which employs 2m people. Fernández said the 2009 AH1N1 influenza epidemic resulted in a 9% contraction of GDP in Mexico's the restaurant sector and that it “took us 10 years to recover. In the event that this epidemic lasts longer than that 10 years ago, evidently the effect will be greater”. He also revealed that Canirac had detected a 90% drop in sales for restaurants with a menu costing M$300 (US$12) or more.