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Weekly Report - 18 June 2020 (WR-20-24)

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Quotes of the week

“In its toughest times Chile continues to give of its best [and] set aside legitimate differences for a greater good”.

Chile’s finance minister, Ignacio Briones, on the ‘Acuerdo Covid’ struck with the political opposition.


“Bolivia is not the only country carrying out elections in these difficult circumstances.”

The president of Bolivia’s supreme electoral tribunal (TSE), Salvador Romero, argues that delaying the general elections further because of the Covid-19 pandemic is not a viable option.

“We will not ratify or recognise any electoral farce staged by the dictatorship for its own convenience, much less the results given by some so-called rectors handpicked by the dictator from his judicial legion of horror”.

Venezuela’s opposition parties respond to the supreme court’s appointment of new rectors to the national electoral council (CNE).