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LatinNews Daily - 22 January 2021

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In brief: Paraguay celebrates successful bond placement

* Paraguay’s finance ministry has celebrated the placement of US$826m worth of sovereign bonds on the international market as its “most successful placement” with “the lowest interest rate in history” for this kind of operation. According to the finance ministry, the transaction consisted in the acquisition of US$487m worth of debt to finance the 2021 budget, and in the refinancing of 2023 sovereign bonds worth US$339m. The placement was divided into two tranches: an 11-year bond maturing in 2033 worth US$600m, with a yield of 2.739%; and the re-opening of a 2050 bond worth US$225.97m at a 4.089% rate (beneath the previous 5.4% rate). The operation attracted over US$5bn in demand, over six times the offer. “This high demand for Paraguay’s bonds consolidates investor confidence in the country”, the finance ministry noted.