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LatinNews Daily - 03 February 2021

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In brief: Paraguay releases priority funds to re-open schools

* Paraguay’s finance minister, Óscar Llamosas, has announced that G$43bn (US$6.2m) in priority funds will be transferred from the treasury to the education ministry (MEC), to guarantee the safe re-opening of schools for in-person classes, which have been suspended for the past year due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. These funds will be destined to cover cleaning, disinfection, and hand hygiene costs in the country’s educational institutions. A first transfer of G$22bn has been made this week, with a second transfer of G$21bn planned for the end of February. The MEC will then be responsible for redistributing these resources to the different educational institutions, and for regulating their use. Paraguay’s health and education ministers have been discussing the safe re-opening of schools from 2 March, which will involve a combination of virtual and in-person classes.