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LatinNews Daily - 10 February 2021

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In brief: Pandemic has exacerbated poverty in Mexico

* The national council of evaluation of social development policy (Coneval), an independent Mexican government body, has released a report which highlights the consequences of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic sanitary emergency on poverty levels in Mexico. Coneval estimates that between 8.9m and 9.8m people have fallen below the income poverty line as a consequence of the reduction in economic activity due to the pandemic, and that between 6.1m and 10.7m people have seen their income fall below the extreme poverty line. “For this reason, it is vital to guarantee the population basic access to the goods and services which allow them to exercise their social rights”, the report notes. According to Coneval’s 2018 figures (the latest from the national poverty survey), 61.1m Mexicans (48.8% of the population) earn an income below the poverty line, while 21m (16.8%) earn an income below the extreme poverty line. Bsed on the 2018 data, Coneval considers that 52.4m Mexicans (41.9% of the population) is in a situation of poverty.