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LatinNews Daily - 11 February 2021

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In brief: Colombian workers to reject proposed tax reform

* Fabio Arias, the legal representative of Colombia’s main workers’ union, the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Colombia (CUT), has confirmed that the union will call a national strike in rejection of the government’s latest tax reform proposals, which President Iván Duque has announced will be presented to congress in March. Tax reform has been a priority for Duque since taking office in 2018 but has often proved controversial, in particular regarding proposed increases to the value-added tax (VAT). The government’s previous effort to bring a tax reform before congress, back in 2019, was among the measures rejected by widespread public protests that year, and it was eventually shelved. Arias reported that the CUT had been involved in recent discussions with the government regarding the content of its latest proposals, but pledged to “call all unions to oppose this regressive measure for Colombian workers”.