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LatinNews Daily - 23 February 2021

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In brief: Major blackout reported in Venezuela’s Zulia

* Omar Prieto, the ruling governor for the western state of Zulia, has reported that two problems in the electricity system left parts of Zulia’s capital, Maracaibo, and beyond without electricity. In a couple of tweets Prieto said that the problems occurred on two transmission lines and repairs would take some five hours. The governor said that no hypothesis as to the causes of the problems were being ruled out and that areas affected included the municipalities of San Francisco and Jesús Enrique Lossada in Maracaibo as well as other areas in the state such as Cañada de Urdaneta and Perijá. However, according to national daily, El Universal, local inhabitants reported seeing explosions in various substations such as Veritas, Sibucara, and Cuatricentenario.