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LatinNews Daily - 10 June 2021

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In brief: New subsea Google cable to connect US and South America

* Tech giant, Google, has announced plans to construct a new submarine cable connecting the east coast of the US with Las Toninas in Argentina, with additional landings in Punta del Este in Uruguay and Praia Grande in Brazil. The new cable, which is planned to be completed by the end of 2023, will provide South American users with improved internet connection when using Google products and services, such as Gmail, YouTube, and Search. In addition to improved web connection, the cable - Google’s fourth submarine cable in South America - also adds resilience to Google’s network in the region, operating on a single-end power source, leading to a higher availability of power with fewer complications, according to the firm. The cable is named 'Firmina' after Brazilian abolitionist and author Maria Firmina dos Reis and will be the longest cable in the world capable of running from a single power source.