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LatinNews Daily - 10 August 2021

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In brief: Strong performance for renewables in Brazil

* The Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico (ONS), Brazil’s national grid operator, has announced that the month of July saw 10 production records for renewable energy in the country. Over that month, there were four records for average wind generation and four record peaks for instantaneous wind generation, as well as two records for solar energy production. According to the ONS, the most significant record was on 22 July, when an average 11,399 MW of wind energy were produced, sufficient to supply 102% of the Northeast region’s energy demands for 24 hours. This record was surpassed in the first week of August, with enough wind-powered energy produced on 6 August to cover 104.4% of the Northeast region’s energy demand that day. The ONS notes that this period known as “the wind harvest” usually lasts through to November. According to the ONS, wind energy currently makes up 10.9% of Brazil’s electricity matrix, while solar power represents 2%. The objective is to increase this to 11.2% and 2.9%, respectively, by the end of this year, while wind power is expected to make up 13.6% of the electricity matrix by end-2025.