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LatinNews Daily - 11 August 2021

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In brief: Regional digital services centre to be installed in Costa Rica

* Costa Rica’s foreign trade minister, Andrés Valenciano, has hailed the launch of operations by Chilean specialised digital services company, Imagemaker, which will operate a regional service centre for technology consulting projects in Costa Rica. Valenciano tweeted that the company “will recruit software developers and support our country’s transition towards a knowledge-based economy”. He said that “for the foreign trade sector, we are proud of this vote of confidence.” According to Costa Rica’s investment promotion agency, Agencia Costarricense de Promoción de Inversiones (Cinde), “the company will provide services to Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and the US, the latter being a key market over the next few years. To do this, the company will hire more than 20 software developers in Costa Rica over the coming months”. A Cinde press release cites Felipe Balma, Imagemaker’s Central America and Caribbean regional manager, as saying that the company “applauds Costa Rica's efforts to invest in education, especially technology and health education, which today translates into a qualitative leap in national skill”.