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LatinNews Daily - 16 August 2021

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In brief: Argentina increases meat export quota to Israel

* The Argentine government has increased the quota for the exportation of kosher beef to Israel by an additional 3,500 tonnes per month. Beef exports are currently subjected to restrictions in Argentina, after the government led by President Alberto Fernández temporarily suspended them in May in a bid to stabilise the price of beef in the domestic market. The government says that the decision to increase the quota for exports to Israel is due to demand from that market and in response to investments made by Argentine meatpackers over the past year to adapt their facilities for kosher slaughter practices. Israel is the third largest buyer in volume of Argentine meat, after China and Chile, according to the Instituto de Promoción de la Carne Vacuna Argentina (IPCVA), an industry association. This updated quota will remain in place until 31 August, with the possibility of being extended until 31 December.