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LatinNews Daily - 13 October 2021

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In brief: Argentina’s agricultural sector criticises new export barriers

* The Comisión de Enlace de Entidades Agropecuarias (CEEA), which groups Argentina’s four largest agricultural organisations, has released a statement criticising the government led by President Alberto Fernández for its decision to introduce barriers to the export of maize in a bid to guarantee domestic supply. “We are concerned with the decisions made in the maize market, which generate confusion and mistrust throughout the [production and sales] chain”, the CEEA said in a statement, after the government issued a resolution establishing that export licenses for maize will be granted under certain specific administrative conditions, with priority given to requests backed by physical operations during the 2020/2021 maize harvest. “Bureaucratising further still the export regime and discouraging production are bad signs for a country that needs productive development, foreign currency generation, and the production of jobs and labour”, the CEEA sentenced. The government insists that it is not limiting foreign trade and that the export market remains open.