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LatinNews Daily - 01 December 2021

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In brief: Colombia announces coffee production forecast for 2022

* The director of Colombia’s national federation of coffee producers (FNC), Roberto Vélez Vallejo, has said that he expects the country to produce 13.5m sacks of coffee in 2022 (1 sack = 60kg), and for 12.5m of these sacks to be exported. This is similar to the projected final harvest for this year, which, speaking at the same event as Vélez, President Iván Duque said is expected to total between 13m and 13.5m sacks. Vélez said that 2022 is likely to bring improved profits for the coffee sector compared with 2021, which has seen diminished harvests due to high rains brought on by the La Niña climate phenomenon, combined with low coffee prices on the international market. President Duque set a higher production target of 15m sacks, saying that this goal would be put in reach by a bill to stabilise the price of fertilisers, which he said congress is close to approving.