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LatinNews Daily - 17 September 2020

On 16 September an ‘independent international fact-finding mission on Venezuela’ appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) released a report which excoriated Venezuela’s de facto government led by Nicolás Maduro for crimes against humanity.

LatinNews Daily - 16 September 2020

On 15 September the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Honduras called for an “exhaustive investigation” into “worrying information” about the “possible disproportionate use of force against protesters by the police”.

LatinNews Daily - 11 September 2020

On 10 September, Peru’s President Martín Vizcarra refused to resign following allegations of corruption made against him in the country’s congress and he condemned the move towards his impeachment as “a plot against democracy”.

LatinNews Daily - 09 September 2020

On 8 September, Chile’s deputy interior minister, Juan Francisco Galli, confirmed the death of a 21-year-old man in the municipality of Cañete, in Chile’s southern Bío Bío Region, believed to have been shot by indigenous Mapuche activists.

LatinNews Daily - 08 September 2020

On 7 September, 37 Venezuelan opposition parties signed a ‘unity pact’ pledging once again to boycott the legislative elections in December, and instead committing to the formation of an “emergency government” to replace the de facto government led by Nicolás Maduro.

LatinNews Daily - 04 September 2020

On 3 September the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) released preliminary results from the general election which took place the same day, which gave a victory to the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) led by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

LatinNews Daily - 03 September 2020

On 2 September, two-time presidential runner-up Henrique Capriles called for Venezuela's political opposition to participate in the December legislative elections, staking his claim to replace Juan Guaidó as the figurehead of the opposition to Nicolás Maduro’s government.

LatinNews Daily - 02 September 2020

On 1 September, Brazil’s national statistics institute (Ibge) released the second quarter GDP figures, which show that the Brazilian economy has gone into a technical recession after contracting for the second consecutive quarter.