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LatinNews Daily - 14 December 2018

Development: On 13 December Venezuela’s foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, said that Venezuela is prepared to wage “the mother of all battles” if it is subjected to a foreign military attack.

LatinNews Daily - 13 December 2018

Development: On 12 December US legislators and international human rights groups hailed the US House of Representatives’ day-earlier approval of the Nicaraguan Investment Conditionality Act (Nica Act) which seeks to condition US approval for loans from international financial institutions to the Nicaraguan government led by President Daniel Ortega.

LatinNews Daily - 12 December 2018

Development: On 11 December the United Nations (UN) representative in Honduras Igor Garafulic announced the end to the UN-brokered political dialogue in Honduras after ten months, a process which failed to produce any formal political agreements.

LatinNews Daily - 11 December 2018

Development: On 10 December the US Assistant Secretary of State of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Kimberly Breier, described the municipal elections held in Venezuela the previous day as “profoundly flawed” and called for the restoration of democratic order in the country.

LatinNews Daily - 10 December 2018

Development: On 9 December a majority of Peruvians that voted in the national referendum on a series of proposed judicial and political reforms overwhelmingly voted in favour of those promoted by President Martín Vizcarra.

LatinNews Daily - 07 December 2018

Development: On 6 December Bolivia’s interior minister Carlos Romero announced that a woman was killed during protests which took place in Riberalta municipality, Beni department.

LatinNews Daily - 06 December 2018

Development: On 5 December municipal government employees in Paraguay’s Ciudad del Este (CDE) confronted the police and tried to stop the newly designated caretaker CDE mayor from entering the municipal government building. 

LatinNews Daily - 05 December 2018

Development: On 4 December a formal complaint of abuse of power was filed against Security Minister Patricia Bullrich in an Argentine federal court.

LatinNews Daily - 04 December 2018

Development: On 3 December Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno announced that he was relieving Vice President María Alejandra Vicuña of her duties so that she could concentrate on fighting the corruption allegations brought against her.

LatinNews Daily - 03 December 2018

Development: On 1 December Gustavo de Hoyos, the president of the Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (Coparmex) private sector lobby, criticised President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s inauguration speech describing it as “polarising” and “retrograde”.