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Weekly Report - 21 March 2019 (WR-19-11)

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented one of his government’s flagship policy proposals at the weekend: a five-year national development plan designed not just to drive economic growth and attract foreign direct investment (FDI) but also to improve justice and the rule of law, and social welfare, “ending the nightmare that was neoliberal politics”.

Weekly Report - 07 March 2019 (WR-19-09)

In a combative speech opening the new session of the federal congress on 1 March, jeered by opposition protestors inside and outside the building, Argentina’s President Mauricio Macri insisted that his government is making progress and needs a second four-year term in office to complete its “transformation” of the country.

Weekly Report - 31 January 2019 (WR-19-04)

In the space of barely three weeks, Juan Guaidó has emerged as the most formidable foe Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution has faced in its 20 years of existence.