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Weekly Report - 17 August 2023 (WR-23-33)

Far-right outsider Javier Milei, who supports the sale of human organs, wants to take “a chainsaw” to public spending, and favours dollarising the economy and closing the central bank (BCRA), now has a credible chance of becoming Argentina’s next head of state.

Weekly Report - 03 August 2023 (WR-23-31)

Efforts to deter undocumented migrants from undertaking to traverse the Darién Gap, the dense rainforest without roads that forms the natural frontier between Colombia and Panama, have not yielded any success, if figures released this week by Panama’s national immigration agency (INM) are anything to go by.

Weekly Report - 27 July 2023 (WR-23-30)

Argentina’s government says a new staff-level agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is ‘in the bag’ but with major repayments due next week, the risk of another default ahead of the presidential primaries on 13 August remains considerable.

Weekly Report - 22 June 2023 (WR-23-25)

Argentines were gripped this week by the electoral repercussions of what appears to have been a femicide carried out by one of the closest allies of the governor of the northern province of Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, a poster boy for Kirchnerismo, and the eruption of violence in the north-western province of Jujuy over a controversial constitutional reform.

Weekly Report - 30 March 2023 (WR-23-13)

President Guillermo Lasso’s prospects of survival are hanging by a thread after Ecuador’s constitutional court (CC) ruled on 29 March that the national assembly could proceed with an impeachment trial against him.

Weekly Report - 16 March 2023 (WR-23-11)

Another brick in Taiwan’s crumbling diplomatic edifice in Central America will shortly be removed after Honduran President Xiomara Castro announced on 14 March that she had had instructed her foreign minister, Eduardo Enrique Reina, to commence negotiations to open diplomatic relations with mainland China.

Weekly Report - 02 March 2023 (WR-23-09)

Mexico’s Zócalo was bathed in pink on 26 February as a huge crowd of protesters gathered in the central square in Mexico City (CDMX) to protest against the election reform initiative pushed through congress days earlier by the government led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Weekly Report - 02 February 2023 (WR-23-05)

Paraguay’s electoral race took a twist on 26 January when the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (Ofac) sanctioned Paraguay’s former president Horacio Cartes (2013-2018), who was blacklisted by the US Department of State last July for significant corruption.

Weekly Report - 12 January 2023 (WR-23-02)

Until last week, the power transfer in Brazil seemed to have proceeded smoothly, despite the deep political polarisation in which the country has been immersed.
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