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Weekly Report - 19 May 2022 (WR-22-20)

The well-meaning but improvised attempt by the government led by President Gabriel Boric to resolve a longstanding conflict with the indigenous Mapuche came to an abrupt end on 16 May when the interior minister, Izkia Siches, decreed a state of exception in two regions in southern Chile.

Weekly Report - 12 May 2022 (WR-22-19)

Peru has hardly been renowned for political stability in recent years, but since President Pedro Castillo took office in July last year scarcely a day has gone by without some new incident heightening political uncertainty.

Weekly Report - 21 April 2022 (WR-22-16)

“The key lesson is we need a dialogue with other political forces.” This was the conclusion of Chile’s President Gabriel Boric after deputies in the lower chamber of congress shot down both the early pension withdrawal initiative his government opposed and the alternative bill his government proposed.

Weekly Report - 27 January 2022 (WR-22-04)

There is nothing quite like the release of the annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) by the Berlin-based NGO Transparency International (TI) to engender debate among policymakers, the business community, and civil society.

Weekly Report - 20 January 2022 (WR-22-03)

While a repeat of the 13 days of acute tensions that unfolded during the Cuban Missile Crisis remains a remote prospect, memories have been stirred nearly 60 years on from the political and military standoff of 1962 after Russian government officials responded to mounting tensions over Ukraine by suggesting that Russia could send military assets to allies in Latin America, namely Cuba and Venezuela.