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Weekly Report - 16 May 2024 (WR-24-19)

It is a fair bet that Chile’s President Gabriel Boric would have blanched if he had been told upon taking office that just past the halfway point of his four-year term not only would he have failed in his intent to secure a new constitution to replace that drafted during the dictatorship led by General Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) but his government would also have propped up a legacy of Pinochet in the form of the private health insurance system, Isapres.

Weekly Report - 25 April 2024 (WR-24-16)

Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa celebrated victory in a national referendum staged on 21 April which will enable him to intensify the crackdown on criminal gangs responsible for a surge in violence in the country.

Weekly Report - 18 April 2024 (WR-24-15)

Argentina’s security minister, Patricia Bullrich, caused diplomatic ructions with Bolivia and Chile this week by denouncing the presence in their countries of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah or Quds Force, the overseas wing of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Weekly Report - 11 April 2024 (WR-24-14)

Mexico has secured overwhelming support in the Organization of American States (OAS) to condemn Ecuador’s forcible entry into the Mexican embassy in Quito on 5 April to seize Jorge Glas, the former Ecuadorean vice president (2013-2017), who faces corruption charges but had been granted political asylum.

Weekly Report - 29 February 2024 (WR-24-08)

At one stage this week it looked as if oil and gas supplies to Argentina might be cut by the south-eastern province of Chubut such was the fury of its governor at the decision by the federal government to withhold funding and subsequent taunting by President Javier Milei on social media.

Weekly Report - 22 February 2024 (WR-24-07)

Brazil’s government has for some time been critical of Israel’s military actions in Gaza, following last October’s attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas, but on 18 February those criticisms intensified, after President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva compared the violence against Palestinians to the Holocaust, sparking a diplomatic row with Israel and drawing flak from opponents within Brazil.

Weekly Report - 18 January 2024 (WR-24-02)

“Guatemala’s democracy and the will of Guatemalan voters triumphed over corrupt and antidemocratic forces.” This was the response by Brian Nichols, a senior Western Hemisphere official at the US State Department, which appeared to sum up international relief at the inauguration of anti-corruption outsider Bernardo Arévalo as Guatemala’s new president on 14 January.

Weekly Report - 11 January 2024 (WR-24-01)

Ecuador was plunged into tumult on 9 January as members of criminal gangs ran amok, bursting onto the set of a live television broadcast, taking some 140 prison guards hostage, and killing two police officers in a wave of violence that poses a direct challenge to the authority of President Daniel Noboa, who decreed a state of ‘internal armed conflict’.
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