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Andean Group - November 2018

In this November edition of Latin American Regional Report: Andean Group we begin by looking at Peru where tourism is a major industry, and great success story: recent years have seen an annual increase in both numbers of tourists visiting the country and the amount they spend.

Andean Group - October 2018

In this October edition of Latin American Regional Report: Andean Group we begin by looking at Bolivia where access to water has long been an explosive issue, particularly given the early 2000 conflict which arose in Cochabamba, Bolivia’s third-largest city, over the attempted privatisation of an ever-dwindling water supply.

Andean Group - September 2018 (ISSN 1741-4466)

In this September edition of Latin American Regional Report: Andean Group we begin by looking at Peru.

Andean Group - August 2018 (ISSN 1741-4466)

In this August edition of Latin American Regional Report: Andean Group we begin by looking at Peru where from January 2019, the country’s savings and credit cooperatives will be subject to financial regulation by the Superintendencia de Banca y Seguros y AFP (SBS), the autonomous government agency responsible for the regulation and supervision of the Peruvian financial system.

Andean Group - July 2018 (ISSN 1741-4466)

Land restitution, a central part of Colombia’s peace process, is allowing thousands of people to move back to the countryside and engage in productive agricultural activity.

Andean Group - June 2018 (ISSN 1741-4466)

As Colombia’s northern region of Catatumbo continues to be affected by clashes between the armed guerrilla groups Ejército de Liberación Nacional (ELN) and Ejército Popular de Liberación (EPL), local civil society organisations describe the response by the Colombian government led by President Juan Manuel Santos as slow and inadequate.

Andean Group - May 2018 (ISSN 1741-4466)

More than a year after the El Niño costero environmental phenomenon caused severe flooding across northern Peru, irrigation systems remain damaged, major roads await repair, and those made homeless have yet to be placed in permanent accommodation.

Andean Group - April 2018 (ISSN 1741-4466)

Peruvian forestry authorities have recently engaged in a series of high-profile seizures of illegally sourced timber, as part of efforts to combat illegal logging.

Andean Group - March 2018 (ISSN 1741-4466)

Colombia might have registered its lowest murder rate in four decades last year, but attention has been increasingly focused on the rise in number of murders of social leaders (a catch-all media term for representatives of trade unions, human rights organisations, environmental and land rights groups, community pressure groups and political parties).

Andean Group - February 2018 (ISSN 1741-4466)

At the end of last year, Bolivia went to the polls to elect senior members of various judicial bodies, including the supreme justice court (TSJ) and plurinational constitutional court (TCP).

Andean Group - January 2018 (ISSN 1741-4466)

Ahead of the presidential elections due to take place in Colombia this year, the local branch of international anti-corruption NGO Transparency International (TI), Transparencia por Colombia, and the Misión de Observación Electoral (MOE), an association of civil society groups, are seeking to hold Colombian politicians to account over the financing of their nomination campaigns.