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LatinNews Daily - 18 February 2019

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In brief: Mexico

* The Canadian government has eliminated a controversial 25% tariff on some Mexican steel imports. According to Canada’s national public broadcaster, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), effective as of 2 February Mexican energy tubular products (such as those used to build pipelines) and wire rod shipments will no longer cost an extra 25% under Canada's emergency 'safeguard' measures. However, steel from other countries without free trade agreements with Canada will continue to face the extra tax. According to CBC, for Mexico alone, new tariff-free thresholds have been set for the 200-day period to which the temporary surtax applies while surtax already paid by purchasers will be refunded. Pierre-Olivier Herbert, the spokesperson for Canada’s finance ministry, told CBC News: "We made those changes in recognition of Canada and Mexico's mutual rights and obligations under Nafta [the North American Free Trade Agreement]".