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LatinNews Daily - 28 June 2019

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In brief: Chile

* Unionised workers at Chile’s Chuquicamata copper mine in Antofagasta Region have ended their two-week strike after reaching a deal with the state-owned copper mining firm Codelco. A final improved salary package offer presented by Codelco has been accepted by 77% of Union 1 affiliates, 74% of Union 2 affiliates, and 81% of Union 3 affiliates. These collective agreements are valid for 36 months and include a 1.2% salary increase, a Cl$9m (US$13,238) negotiation term bonus, a Cl$1.1m strike agreement bonus, a Cl$1m working hour bonus, and a Cl$3m soft loan. It was also agreed that Codelco will fully manage and finance the life and accident insurance, so the workers can save Cl$180,00 annually. A Codelco statement said that: “The nearly 3,200 employees represented by Unions 1, 2, and 3 will return to their normal work schedules starting with the first shift on Friday, June 28”.