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Weekly Report - 28 November 2019 (WR-19-47)

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Quotes of the week

“It’s like trying to deal with drunkenness while still drinking wine.”  

Argentina’s president-elect Alberto Fernández rules out contracting more debt. 


“Do you believe in democracy? Those who believe in democracy wait to be elected. They don’t call on people to break things on the streets...Don’t be surprised if someone then asks for the AI-5.” 

Brazil’s Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. 

“People ask why there is no political convulsion in El Salvador as in other countries [in the region], and I tell them it is because people feel represented here, and there is a high level of private sector confidence. El Salvador has a legitimate government that respects democracy and its citizens. We all know what kind of government Nicaragua has; in Venezuela, people cannot even buy a box of eggs with a month’s salary; and the crisis in Bolivia saw the president flee.” 

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele.