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LatinNews Daily - 26 February 2021

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In brief: Brazil’s Bolsonaro outlines new pandemic aid

* Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has said that a government handout to help the country’s most vulnerable through the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, known as the emergency basic income, will be reinstated from March. The Bolsonaro government has been in discussions with lawmakers for weeks now, as it seeks a solution to respond to calls to reinstate the financial aid without breaching spending rules. According to Bolsonaro, who was speaking on his weekly Facebook Live address, a monthly handout of R$250 (US$45) will be distributed for four months from March. It has separately been understood that the handout will benefit 40m people – below the 68m who received the R$600 benefit (cut to R$300 for the last months of the year) for most of 2020. Bolsonaro also said that the government will seek to make changes to the Bolsa Família conditional cash transfer (CCT) programme from July onwards.