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LatinNews Daily - 04 May 2021

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In brief: Unah warns of rise in poverty in Honduras

* Honduras’s Universidad Nacional Autónoma (Unah), has released a new study which shows that poverty in Honduras increased to 70% of the population in 2020, up 10.7 percentage points on 2019 as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and the tropical storms 'Eta' and 'Iota' which made landfall in November 2020. The study showed that 53.4% of households were living in extreme poverty, up 16.7 percentage points on 2019. According to Unah, the high poverty levels reflect the “structural weakness of the economy”. It notes that despite GDP growth averaging 3.3% between 2001 and 2020, this has been insufficient to “significantly reduce poverty levels to promote economic development”. Unah highlights the need to pay “special attention” to the deterioration in living conditions of Honduran households. Among other recommendations it urges a “successful vaccination strategy” against Covid-19 to reactivate the economy and calls for a “more efficient” use of land in order to improve employment conditions for the agricultural sector.