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LatinNews Daily - 20 July 2021

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In brief: Mexico agri-food exports show strong performance

* Mexico’s agriculture ministry has presented new figures which show Mexico’s agri-food trade balance presented a US$4.23bn surplus between January and May 2021 – the fourth largest surplus for the sector in 27 years. The same figures showed that agri-food exports totalled US$18.72bn in the first five months of 202, the highest figure reported of the last 29 years, while imports totalled US$14.49bn. As regards specific products, beer accounted for US$2.2bn of exports in the first five months of the year, followed by avocado (US$1.3bn); tequila and mezcal (US$1.2bn); and tomatoes (US$1.1bn). The same report highlights that the beverage sector was the most dynamic over the first five months, up 30.8% on the same period in 2020.