The ‘must-have’ resource for students studying international relations courses

LatinNews is the world’s leading resource for news and analysis on Latin America, with a research archive dating back to 1967. It is a perfect resource for students studying many aspects of international relations, including Latin American politics, human rights and environmental issues, American foreign policy, China’s global engagement, development policies, and many other important issues.

Most Universities with Latin American studies courses subscribe to some or all LatinNews publications, and students will either have access through the library or (depending on the level of the University subscription) may even request direct distribution from LatinNews.

Our portfolio of advisory reports includes:

LatinNews Daily: Our first-take analysis on the main developments in Latin America & the Caribbean over the past 24 hours.

Latin American Weekly Report: A considered, behind-the-scenes briefing on all the week’s key developments throughout Latin America & the Caribbean.

Latin American Economy & Business: A monthly overview of macro-economic and business-environment developments.

Latin American Security & Strategic Review: A monthly review of security issues and strategic policy developments.

Latin American Special Reports: In-depth reports covering issues that cannot easily be covered in our regular weekly and monthly reports.

Latin American Regional Reports: Monthly reports consolidating the coverage from our primary publications into the four main regions of Latin America, namely: Mexico, Caribbean & Central America, Andean Group, and Brazil & Southern Cone.

The first ever issue of Latin American Weekly Report, published in April 1967, began with the words: “There is something going on in Bolivia, but it is not what is being reported in the press…” That first issue then went on to reveal what was really happening behind the scenes in La Paz.

The same imperative to uncover the real underlying facts has been the driving force behind LatinNews reporting of Latin America for 50 years, and week-after-week and year-after-year LatinNews has delivered invaluable insights based on unrivalled access at the highest level.

Understanding what is really going on in the region will allow you to take your studies to the next level.

Next steps

To gain access to Latin American Weekly Report and other LatinNews reports you now have three options:

  • Ask your University library which LatinNews reports are available to you through the University subscription
  • If your University does not yet subscribe, suggest that they register for a 14-day free evaluation 
  • If you wish to know anything more about LatinNews and how to subscribe, you may use the Contact Us facility to ask for further information.
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